Title: Detecting textual derivatives

Keywords: detection of derivation, revisions, plagiarism, signature approach, similarity metrics, information retrieval


Thanks to the Internet, the production and publication of content is possible with ease and speed. This possibility raises the issue of controling the origins of this content. This work focuses on detecting derivation links between texts. A derivation link associates a derivative text and the pre-existing texts from which it was written. We focused on the task of identifying derivative texts given a source text for various forms of derivation. Our first contribution is the definition of a theoretical framework defines the concept of derivation as well as a model framing the different forms of derivation. Then, we set up an experimental framework consisting of free software tools, evaluation corpora and evaluation metrics based on IR. The Piithie and Wikinews corpora we have developed are to our knowledge the only ones in French for the detection of derivation links. Finally, we explored different methods of detection based on the signature-based approach. In particular, we have introduced the notions of specificity and invariance to guide the choice of descriptors used to modelize the texts in the expectation of their comparison. Our results show that the choice of motivated descriptors, including linguistically motivated ones, can reduce the size of the modelization of texts, and therefore the cost of the method, while offering performances comparable to the much more voluminous state of the art approach.

Thesis jury:


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